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Whimsical Floral Designs

Fun-loving, free-spirited, playful feelings are conveyed by the whimsical floral palette, which is characterized by flowers in bold, contrasting colors. Floral arrangements featuring these hues set an upbeat tone and are ideal for birthdays, graduations, promotions and other celebrations.

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Home Decorating Parties Unique Ideas for Party Flowers
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flowersHere are a few simple and inexpensive ideas to add that extra special touch to your party:

Flower Napkin Rings/Guest Favors

Ask your florist to create a floral napkin ring for each guest, or order a few extra flowers that match the centerpiece and simply tuck one into each folded napkin or napkin ring. Be sure to keep flowers in water until right before guests arrive and then cut the stem back to about 3 inches. Ask your florist about what kinds of flowers work best for this type of treatment.

Floral Place Cards for Each Guests

Use small vases with one flower cut very short in each as place holders. The card can be glued or taped to the front of the vase, or nestled into the blossom itself. Another option is to glue each place card to a single flower blossom.

Dressed Up Candles

Place votive candles on flower petals or a leaf. Add ribbons with flowers to candlesticks. Float flowers or fragrant flower blooms in crystal bowls.

Buffet Flowers

Ask your florist to make several designs in different sizes. Place them throughout the buffet table to allow everyone to see the flowers up close.

Decorate a Cake with Flowers

Ask your florist which flowers make the best cake decorations. Wash the flowers thoroughly and allow them to dry. Cut the stems to about 1 inch. Dip the ends into melted paraffin and allow them to dry before inserting the stems directly into the cake. Foliage or flat flowers such as pansies can be placed flat onto the cake.

Posies in the Punch

Make a punch float by placing washed fruit or edible flowers into a tube cake pan. Fill with water to about 3 inches. Freeze it and pop it into the punch bowl flower side up as guests arrive. Make sure that you replace the float when the ice melts.

Garnishing Trays and Platters

Line the tray or the edges of your serving platter with decorative lettuce leaves or kale. Use flowers as accents in the center or on a corner of the tray. This is a great way to disguise serving platters that don't match.

Ask your florist about flowers for parties.

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