Flowers are a thoughtful way to honor a beautiful life. This section is designed to show a variety of styles appropriate for sending an expression of sympathy. The guide will help you communicate with your florist to select an item that best expresses your feelings.

Floral Baskets

A basket of abundant flowers is a thoughtful selection for the home or service. This style can be created in a variety of sizes.

Specialty Designs

Florists can create personalized designs symbolizing eternal life, religion, special remembrances, or personal affiliations.

Flower Spray

A standing spray is a perfect way to convey your message of sympathy to the family and loved ones at the funeral or memorial service. They can be designed in a variety of sizes – from small to large.


A floral presentation often used because a circle symbolizes eternal life.

Flower Arrangements

These arrangements are appropriate for the home or service and can be designed to fit any budget. They are also the perfect sentiment to send weeks or months after the service to let loved ones know you are thinking of them.

Flower Dish Gardens and Green & Flowering Plants

A garden-style collection of green and blooming plants serves as a lasting tribute for the family or loved ones. Florists can provide an individual green or flowering plant as a loving message to the family.

Green and Flowering Plants: Florists can provide an individual green or flowering plant as a loving message to the family.
Casket Spray: Flowers designed for the top of the casket – usually ordered by the family.
Inside Piece: A general term to describe small floral designs placed inside the casket. Examples include satin hearts, nosegays or small sprays.

This is just a guide — style, varieties, colors, size and price may vary depending on flower availability, preference, and budget. Ask your florist for details regarding the variety of options available in floral sympathy arrangements.

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